Friday, 15 March 2013

Angry Birds Seasons - New Levels and Power-Ups

This update include the following:
  • 'Homing Bird' Power-Up
  • New Power-Ups
  • New Stars
  • Mighty Eagle Feathers
  • Eight New Levels (Winter Wonderham & Haunted Hogs)

Angry Birds Rio - Market Mayhem Update Now Available

This update include the following:
  • 36 New Levels
  • New Bonus Level
  • New Hidden Fruit
  • Marmoset Boss Fight

The Croods from the creators of Angry Birds

'The Croods' is an iOS application created by Rovio and the people at Dreamworks Animation. This game is based of the new movie that cinemas worldwide this month.

In this game you can do the following:
  • Meet your favourite characters from the movie
  • Tame creatures
  • Create inventions
  • Decorate and create your own pre-historic world