Thursday, 5 July 2018

Rovio Announces Angry Birds Champions!

Rovio first announced Angry Birds Champions back in February; this is the first ever Angry Birds real life tournament; Angry Birds Champions will allow casual and expert players to play against each other test their skills and participate in tournaments and get rewarded with cash prizes.

The tournament format:
  • Best of Three: Players play the same leve three times and only their highest score is counted
  •  Progression mode: play three levels and your score is the total of all three levels
  • Swap players get “Swap” power-ups,which enables them to swap out birds in their slingshot
  • Varied Levels: Players get a new challenge every time they play

Tournaments are available for US players only (people aged 18+), players can play now by downloading the WorldWinner iOS app and playing online at

Friday, 16 June 2017

Angry Birds Evolution | First Look!

Here is a first look at Angry Birds Evolution!
Use your flock to take down the bad Pigs, unlock special Eggs, make a clan and explore the Island.

Angry Birds Evolution is Out Now!

Now that the game has been released, we know much more about it and what we can expect, Angry Birds Evolution has the following new features:
  • Over 100 New Characters
  • Assemble a Flock of Birds and take down the Pigs!
  • 5 New Bird Classes with new abilities
  • Evolve your birds into Super Birds
  • Explore the Island
  • Battle with Players around the World!
  • Join Clans, chat with your Clan and compete with other Clans!
  • Send out Scouts for rewards and Challenges!

Rovio / Angry Birds Evolution is also giving players to option of a Monthly Subscription that will cost $24.99 and the subscription includes the following exclusive offers and benefits:
  • One Premium Egg Ticket every day
  • 10% More Gold / Gems from the in-game shop

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Pre-Register for Angry Birds Evolution!

Angry Birds Evolution will be released June 15th, you can still pre-register for Angry Birds and get £7.99 worth of Gems, Coins, Arena Tickets and Hatch Tickets! There is currently only one teaser trailer for the game and not a lot of information to go off of but it sounds like a kind of Battle Royale / Clash of Clans with birds trying to save their island from Don Bacon!
“The pigs have taken a shine to the Birds’ home, and they’re herding there in great numbers. Now, not even the eggs are enough for these beasts. They want to take the Birds’ homeland as well! As you can imagine, this is no bueno for the birdos. The angry ones aren’t just going to sit idly by and let the pigs take over their home. No! It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to say NO to those piggy oppressors. It’s time to TAKE BACK Bird Island. It’s time for EVOLUTION!” - Rovio
The teaser trailer shows Angry Bird versions of famous activists, people like President George Washington, Che Guevara, Rosie the Riveter (and a spoof of Kylie Jenner’s Pepsi advert!). You can see screenshots below:

All you need to do to pre-register is:

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Angry Birds Blast | Tutorial and Gameplay

Angry Birds Blast is a brand new game from Rovio! Like the famous game Candy Crush, players must burst Angry Bird bubbles, gain power-ups and challenge themselves in this epic game!

Here is a short tutorial and gameplay video, to show off the new game:

Monday, 19 December 2016

Pre-Register for Angry Birds BLAST!

Pre-register for Angry Birds blast and get £9.99 worth of GOLD when you play the game. Angry Birds Blast seems to be a Candy Crush / Bejewelled Blitz type of game, with the "candy or jewels" looking like each of the Angry Birds.

From screenshots I can see that there are at least five "candy or jewel" types with power-ups and perks available; you can see this for yourself from the screenshots below:

All you need to do , to pre-register is: